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These are just a few of the North Carolinians aided by the Center for Youth, Family and Community Partnerships at UNCG.

For more than a quarter of a century, the center, known as CYFCP, has addressed pressing social concerns among families, children, and young adults across all 100 counties in North Carolina, through wide-ranging programs.

Today, the center continues to expand, with funding skyrocketing to $6.8 million and a robust staff – currently 30 people – closely collaborating with the community.

“What all the programs in the center share is the translation of research to practice for the greater good – and authentic partnerships with the community,” says Terri Shelton, UNCG’s vice chancellor for research & engagement and a prior director of the CYFCP.

Community engagement isn’t just a catchphrase for the center: working in tandem with the community is their North Star.

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“Partnerships with the community are at the heart of what we do, and I would say a lot of evolution for us has been, ‘Where’s the community’s need?.’”

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