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Jensen wins UNCG’s Thomas Undergrad Research Mentor Award

Rachel Damiani | Mon Mar 25, 2024

Assistant Professor Michaeline Jensen has received the 2024 UNCG Thomas Undergraduate Research Mentor Award in the pre-tenure category. The psychologist and social scientist, who examines how mobile communication technologies impact young adults, has mentored 70 undergraduates on independent studies since she arrived at UNCG in 2018.

“The diverse UNCG undergraduate student body is truly a joy to engage with as they bring rich histories, worldviews, and identities to discussions both inside and outside of class,” she says. “Mentorship for these students often takes the form of walking alongside them as they build self-awareness, knowledge, and skills related to science and practice around race, ethnicity, and culture.”

Jensen involves her undergraduate mentees in all aspects of the research process, from study design to publication. Two students have co-authored peer-reviewed manuscripts, three have won Undergraduate Research and Creativity Awards, and one is a UNCG-McNair Scholar. Jensen has also mentored 2 students through the UNCG Psychology Department’s Early Scientist Program.

The scholar – who already has 30 publications of her own – has also impacted over 775 undergraduates in the classroom, where she translates both foundational psychology knowledge and advanced research for her students in her Ethnicity, Development, and Psychopathology and Introduction to Clinical Psychology classes.

Hayley Robertson ’21, who went on to complete her masters at Columbia University, says, “Dr. Jensen strives to make sure all students are equipped with the same knowledge, passion, and expertise that she brings into the classroom and lab – she treats you like a colleague and not just a student. Rarely will you find someone as dedicated as Dr. Jensen.”

Chandni Lai ’22, who is now a masters student at UNCG, says, “Dr. Jensen’s remarkable passion for her research served as an inspiration to the entire research team, especially to me. Dr. Jensen made research accessible to students at all levels, breaking down complex concepts and theories and answering questions in her research lab and in 300-level psychology class. She encouraged an open and collaborative atmosphere, encouraging meaningful discussions and facilitating active participation in research projects and discussions related to research topics or class chapters. She also encouraged us to take a role in leading the discussions in the IRL lab.

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