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2024 UNCG Research Magazine is Now Available Online

An ambitious obesity study following kids from the womb to preschool, the art of Disney, social entrepreneurship improving lives across NC, cosmodernism, and chiggers and ticks and sand flies (oh my!). Explore our wide-ranging impact in the 2024 issue of UNCG Research magazine. The post 2024 UNCG Research Magazine is Now Available Online appeared first on UNC Greensboro.

These are just a few of the North Carolinians aided by the Center for Youth, Family and Community Partnerships at UNCG.

For more than a quarter of a century, the center, known as CYFCP, has addressed pressing social concerns among families, children, and young adults across all 100 counties in North Carolina, through wide-ranging programs.

Today, the center continues to expand, with funding skyrocketing to $6.8 million and a robust staff – currently 30 people – closely collaborating with the community.

“What all the programs in the center share is the translation of research to practice for the greater good – and authentic partnerships with the community,” says Terri Shelton, UNCG’s vice chancellor for research & engagement and a prior director of the CYFCP.

Community engagement isn’t just a catchphrase for the center: working in tandem with the community is their North Star.

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“Partnerships with the community are at the heart of what we do, and I would say a lot of evolution for us has been, ‘Where’s the community’s need?.’”

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