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Parent & Family Advisory Council

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The Parent & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is comprised of parents and family members of current UNCG undergraduate students that meet monthly to discuss current issues and ideas concerning the UNCG community. PFAC also assists in planning events, contributes to publications for UNCG families, helps raise funds for special projects, recruits new members to the Parent & Family Advisory Council, and serves as presenters at SOAR and other UNCG events.

The mission of the Parent & Family Advisory Council of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is to strengthen the quality of the UNCG educational experience by promoting communication, inspiring good will and support for the University, and enhancing high quality programs and educational opportunities for students.

We are motivated by the following goals:
  1. Promote communication between parents and families and the University.
  2. Inspire good will and support for the University.
  3. Enhance high quality programs and educational opportunities for students and their families.
If you have any questions, reach out to Student Affairs at (336) 334-5190 or

Frequently Asked Questions

A few commonly asked questions from parents and families about UNCG policies, procedures, and resources. Don’t see your question? Contact us!
Phone: (336) 334-5099

What is FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and why can’t I get access to my student’s records?

FERPA is a federal policy that guarantees certain rights for students and eligible parents regarding access to, confidentiality of, and correction of the student’s education records. Third parties (parents and families, employers, and any outside parties) are not granted access to a student’s education records unless a student has signed a wavier with the department in which the records are held. For more information, please UNCG’s FERPA website.

I haven’t heard from my student, which is unusual, and I am concerned for their well-being. What do I do?

If you have immediate concerns about your student’s safety or well-being, please call UNCG Police at (336) 334-4444.

If you are concerned for your student, but it is not an emergency, please call the Dean of Students Office at (336) 334-5514. You can also encourage your student to seek support at the Counseling Center on campus located on the second floor of the Anna M. Gove Health Center.

My student was recently hospitalized and cannot contact his/her faculty. What can I do to help?

Please call the Dean of Students Office at (336) 334-5514 if your student has recently been hospitalized and is unable to contact his/her faculty as we can communicate to your student’s faculty about his/her situation. Any accommodations, however, are at the faculty’s discretion. Your student will need to communicate any accommodations needed and make any necessary arrangements to make up work with the faculty member directly when able.

Depending on the circumstances of your student’s hospitalization, such as serious mental health, physical health concerns and/or trauma while enrolled at UNCG, the University has the Student Crisis Management Policy in place for these situations. The purpose of this policy is to provide assistance and support students who have experienced serious mental health, physical health concerns and/or trauma while enrolled at UNCG. Students experiencing such situations may be expected to complete a crisis management meeting with the Dean of Students Office and one of our campus health care providers. The purpose of this meeting is to provide the student with academic and personal support related to their continuing enrollment at UNCG.

My student received a Student Conduct Charge Notification letter. What does this mean and how can I help my student?

A Student Conduct Charge Notification letter outlines the alleged charges of a potential violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Students may call the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at (336) 334-4640 for more information regarding the conduct process.

Without a FERPA waiver form, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is unable to discuss any details regarding the alleged violation with any party other than the student. Students can sign a FERPA waiver form with our office to allow the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities to communicate with the released parties by the student. Parents and family members may join a student, if they so choose, throughout the Conduct process as a non-speaking support person. Students can, however, elect to have an Attorney/Non-Attorney advocate represent them throughout the Conduct process. More information for Attorney/Non-Attorney advocates can be found here.

My student wants to totally withdraw from the University for the semester. What do they need to do?

The Students First Office can provide more information regarding a Total Withdrawal from the University. The Students First Office can be located at 061 McIver Building or at (336) 334-5730 and

My student has concerns about their grade. What do they need to do?

Students should always contact their faculty directly regarding any concerns about their grades. The Dean of Students Office can support students by coaching them on how to approach faculty, what questions could be asked, and other means of support. However, if the student feels that their grade does not reflect their work in the class, a student may submit a Grade Appeal to the Department Chair/Head if they are unable to resolve the matter with the faculty member. More information regarding the Grade Appeal Policy can be found here.

What are the safety resources on campus?

  1. Spartan Safe App
  2. Spartan Alerts
  3. Campus Resources & Trainings
  4. UNCG Police Department

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