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Spartan Student-Athletes Named to SoCon Honor Roll

196 UNCG student-athletes named to conference honor roll earn praise for hard work on their field of play and in the classroom. The post Spartan Student-Athletes Named to SoCon Honor Roll appeared first on UNC Greensboro.

SoCon Announces 2024 Spring Academic Honor Roll

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Following stellar performances in the classroom this year, 196 UNC Greensboro (UNCG) student-athletes have been named to the Southern Conference (SoCon) Academic Honor Roll for the 2023-24 academic year, the conference announced Thursday.

"As a conference, we're proud to recognize the emphasis our institutions place on the academic performance of each of the athletes named to the SoCon Academic Honor Roll," SoCon Commissioner Michael Cross said. "Balancing academics with athletic commitments requires excellence, dedications and personal investment on the part of the student athlete. It's also imperative to acknowledge our appreciation for the academic advisors, counselors and faculty who invest in these athletes to ensure they succeed in their endeavors."

The Academic Honor Roll originated in 1988-89, when SoCon athletic directors established the award as a way to recognize the league's outstanding student-athletes. The Academic Honor Roll consists of student-athletes who participated in conference sponsored varsity sports and posted a 3.0 grade point average or higher for the academic year, were eligible the entire academic year and were members of the final squad lists. The award is different from the academic all-conference award which is determined by cumulative GPA and involves a participation requirement.

The 2,473 selections are the third-most in SoCon history. Of this year's qualifiers, 743 earned the Commissioner's Medal, awarded to student-athletes who attain a GPA of 3.8 or higher throughout the year, and 273 posted perfect 4.0 GPAs.

Matt Venuto (Baseball), Andrew Hamilton (Men's Track & Field / Cross Country), Jarrett Payne (Men's Soccer), Ethan Conley (Men's Soccer), David Flisberg (Men's Tennis), Blayke Batten (Softball), Reese Byrd (Softball), Salem Ward (Softball), Anna White (Softball), Madelyn McKinnon (Softball), Kelly Boyle (Women's Basketball), Nina Horvath (Women's Basketball), Emma Berrier (Women's Track & Field / Cross Country), Bella Manfre (Women's Track & Field / Cross Country), Abby Buchholz (Women's Soccer), Ava Kiss (Women's Soccer), Taylor Mentzer (Women's Soccer), Haydan Erck (Women's Soccer), Raegan Mitchell (Women's Tennis), Sydney Bly (Women's Tennis), Madison McMasters (Women's Track).

 Matt Venuto, Luke Thomas, Mitchell Smith, Sam Murchison, Aidan Brewer.
Men's Cross Country: Zachary Taylor
Men's Cross Country/Track and Field: Andrew Hamilton, Evan Pena, Cooper Neeble, Samuel Barnard.
Men's Golf: Randall Hudson, Parker Truesdale, Tommy Lamb, Kelvin Hernandez.
Men's Soccer: Jarrett Payne, Ethan Conley, Maddox Mallery, Yoshiya Okawa.
Men's TennisDavid Flisberg, Hampus Johansson, Christopher Johns, Devon Moskowitz.
Softball: Blayke Batten, Reese Byrd, Salem Ward, Anna White, Madelyn McKinnon, Jessie Shipley, Betsy Eatmon, Nya South, Ashbee Standridge, Chrissy Rabenold, Samantha Beck, Rylie Williams.
Volleyball: Izora Gragg, Valeria Calderon, Lauren Janosy, Madeline Timmerman.
Women's Basketball: Kelly Boyle, Nina Horvath, Joelle Davis.
Women's Cross Country/Track and Field: Emma Berrier, Bella Manfre, Tenley Douglass, Camille Carlson.
Women's Golf: Elle Burnette, Victoria Cook, Ava Romfo.
Women's Soccer: Abby Buchholz, Ava Kiss, Taylor Mentzer, Haydan Erck, Parker Sikora, Chloe Lausell, Paige Sawicki-Farias, Hailey Faubion, Charlotte Sobotka, Nadia Wilson, Emma Malone, Natalie McCullough, Mel Herrera, Mairead Gayer, Claire Esse, Bailey Gourdine, Dalani Stephens, Campbell Granack.
Women's Tennis: Raegan Mitchell, Sydney Bly, Ella Olexa, Arina Babkova, Madison McMasters, Naomi Pridgen.

First Name Last Name Sport Class Major Matt  Venuto Baseball Gr Health & Wellness Coaching Luke Thomas Baseball So Kinesiology Mitchell Smith Baseball R-Sr Applied Statistics Sam  Murchison Baseball Sr Finance Aidan Brewer Baseball Gr Urban Economic Development Rob Ready Baseball Jr Economics Sammy Tortorella Baseball Gr Economics Cam Murphy Baseball Sr Economics Danny Thompson Jr. Baseball Jr Economics Luke Holland Baseball So Pre-Finance Tyler Steele Baseball Fr Pre-Business Administration Luke Jenkins Baseball R-So Communication Studies GC Jarman Baseball Sr Business Administration Jake Ogden Baseball So Pre-Business Administration Jacob Dilley Baseball Fr Pre-Business Administration Brandon Hudson Baseball R-So Economics Caleb Cozart Baseball Sr International Business Jay Miller Baseball So Kinesiology Brantley Truitt Baseball Fr Pre-Business Administration William Atkins Baseball Fr Pre-Business Administration Sean Smith Baseball Fr Pre-Finance Mason Mozeley Baseball So Community & Therapeutic Recreation Grant Aycock Baseball So Undeclared Chase Arrington Baseball Fr Pre-Business Administration Boone Herman Baseball Fr Kinesiology Evan McLean Baseball Jr Accounting Malachi Gales Baseball Fr Pre-Business Administration Hunter Shuey Baseball R-So Business Administration Austin Lemons Baseball Fr Kinesiology Jacob Budzik Baseball So Pre-Finance Kobe Langley Men's Basketball 5th Cyber Security Donovan Atwell Men's Basketball So Pre-Business Administration Domas Kauzonas Men's Basketball Fr Pre-Entrepeneurship Keyshaun Langley Men's Basketball 5th Professional Studies Mason So Men's Basketball Fr Kinesiology Jalen Breath Men's Basketball R-So History Akrum Ahemed Men's Basketball R-Sr Economics Tim Ceaser Men's Basketball Gr International Business Jaylon Gibson Men's Basketball Sr Communication Studies Keyon Webb Men's Basketball Fr Psychology Zachary Taylor Men's Cross Country So Computer Science Charles Bennett Men's Cross Country So Art Andrew Hamilton Men's Cross Country/Track Jr Kinesiology Evan Pena Men's Cross Country/Track So Geography Cooper Neeble Men's Cross Country/Track Gr Kinesiology Samuel Barnard Men's Cross Country/Track Fr Kinesiology Ethan Long Men's Cross Country/Track Jr Kinesiology Mason Rudel Men's Cross Country/Track Jr Kinesiology Logan Thanos Men's Cross Country/Track Fr Nutrition Khalid Abdullahi Men's Cross Country/Track Fr Undeclared Luke Ward Men's Cross Country/Track So Kinesiology JT Brownlee Men's Cross Country/Track Fr Media Studies Spencer Connick Men's Cross Country/Track Jr Marketing Glodi Mvovi Men's Cross Country/Track Fr Kinesiology Randall Hudson Men's Golf Sr Political Science Parker Truesdale Men's Golf R-Sr Business Administration Tommy Lamb Men's Golf Sr Marketing Kelvin Hernandez Men's Golf Fr Pre-Accounting Noah Connor Men's Golf Gr Accounting Jack Marcotte Men's Golf Gr Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies Symon Balbin Men's Golf Gr Business Foundations Samuel Davidson Men's Golf Sr Economics Andrew Graham Men's Golf Jr Economics Jarrett Payne Men's Soccer Gr Applied Economics of Health Analytics Ethan Conley Men's Soccer 5th Psychology Maddox Mallery Men's Soccer So Finance Yoshiya Okawa Men's Soccer Jr Kinesiology Jaxon Hinds Men's Soccer So Math Colton Sessoms Men's Soccer So Kinesiology Keanan Bader Men's Soccer Fr Pre-Marketing Steven Hernandez Men's Soccer So Kinesiology Basile Marc Men's Soccer Jr Business Administration Maxwel De-Bodene Men's Soccer Jr Political Science Arnaud Tattevin Men's Soccer Fr Pre-Business Administration Xander Martin Men's Soccer Fr Pre-Information Systems & Supply Chain Management Donovan Roux Men's Soccer Jr Psychology Kwame Nyanor Men's Soccer Fr Undeclared William Garinger Men's Soccer Fr Pre-Business Administration Jack Birch Men's Soccer Jr Business Administration Owen Lucey Men's Soccer So Business Administration Steven Cordova Men's Soccer Jr Kinesiology Holden Woodings Men's Soccer Jr Business Administration Matias Mora Men's Soccer Fr Pre-Business Administration David Flisberg Men's Tennis Sr Business Administration Hampus Johansson Men's Tennis Sr Business Administration Christopher Johns Men's Tennis Gr Business Administration Devon Moskowitz Men's Tennis So Computer Science Andrew Black Men's Tennis So Business Administration Michael Gwynn Men's Tennis Sr Business Administration Luke Thomson Men's Tennis R-So Kinesiology Tymofiy Khrystyuk Men's Tennis So Finance John Gabelic Men's Tennis So Business Administration Zin Maung Men's Track Jr Business ADministration Jordan Davis Men's Track Fr Pre-International Business Blayke Batten Softball 5th Human Development Studies Reese Byrd Softball Jr Kinesiology Salem Ward Softball So Kinesiology Anna White Softball Sr Kinesiology Madelyn McKinnon Softball So Nutrition Jessie Shipley Softball Jr Psychology Betsy Eatmon Softball Fr Computer Science Nya South Softball Fr Pre-Marketing Ashbee Standridge Softball Fr Early Childhood Development-Education Chrissy Rabenold Softball Fr Pre-Business Administration Samantha Beck Softball Fr Pre-Health Studies Rylie Williams Softball So Speech Pathology Tori Dalehite Softball Sr Kinesiology Kiley McQuillan Softball So Undeclared Grace Loftin Softball Jr Kinesiology Brooklynn Maxwell Softball Sr Psychology Rhyann Jones Softball So Kinesiology Maddie Spell Softball R-Jr Political Science Jorde Chartrand Softball Jr Psychology Maycin Brown Softball 5th Kinesiology Jaden Cheek Softball Sr Psychology Meredith Harwood Softball Jr Biologu Izora Gragg Volleyball Fr Pre-Accounting Valeria Calderon Volleyball Sr Kinesiology Lauren Janosy Volleyball Fr Sociology Madeline Timmerman Volleyball Jr Biology Mya Wood Volleyball So Biology Daija Jackson Volleyball Jr Kinesiology Mallory Meers Volleyball Gr Communication Studies Aylin Baran Volleyball Fr Biology America Anderson Volleyball Jr Marketing Sierra Herndon Volleyball So Biology Jordan Sziksai Volleyball R-So Consumer Appearal Retail Studies Hallie Cook Volleyball So Biology Denver Pugh Volleyball R-Jr Sociology Jocelyn Carter Volleyball Jr Business Administration Kelly Boyle Women's Basketball Fr Undeclared Nina Horvath Women's Basketball Fr Kinesiology Joelle Davis Women's Basketball Fr Kinesiology Antoniette Emma-Nnopu Women's Basketball So Biology Yacine Ndiaye Women's Basketball Fr Pre-Business Administration Ayanna Khalfani Women's Basketball Gr International Business Nasia Powell Women's Basketball Jr Sociology Jayde Gamble Women's Basketball Jr Speech Pathology Makiah Asidanya Women's Basketball Fr Psychology Nia Howard Women's Basketball Jr Biology Reagan OQuinn Women's Cross Country So Political Science Emma Berrier Women's Cross Country/Track Jr Biology Bella Manfre Women's Cross Country/Track Jr Kinesiology Tenley Douglass Women's Cross Country/Track Fr Art Camille Carlson Women's Cross Country/Track Jr Economics Serena Henderson Women's Cross Country/Track Jr Sociology Jenna Reiter Women's Cross Country/Track Sr Nursing Shay Soukup Women's Cross Country/Track Sr Studio Art Elle Burnette Women's Golf Fr Consumer Appearal Retail Studies Victoria Cook Women's Golf Sr Biology Ava Romfo Women's Golf Jr Kinesiology Anna Bowman Women's Golf Gr Business Administration Grace Holcomb Women's Golf Jr Marketing Gabriela Cruz Women's Golf Jr Biology Julia Baeumken Women's Golf So Pre-Business Administration Abby Buchholz Women's Soccer 5th Kinesiology Ava Kiss Women's Soccer So Kinesiology Taylor Mentzer Women's Soccer So Kinesiology Haydan Erck Women's Soccer Fr Kinesiology Parker Sikora Women's Soccer Sr Psychology Chloe Lausell Women's Soccer Jr Human Development Studies Paige Sawicki-Farias Women's Soccer So Pre-Finance Hailey Faubion Women's Soccer Sr Community & Therapeutic Recreation Charlotte Sobotka Women's Soccer R-Fr Kinesiology Nadia Wilson Women's Soccer Jr Nursing Emma Malone Women's Soccer So Elementary Education Natalie McCullough Women's Soccer Fr Undeclared Mel Herrera Women's Soccer Jr Human Development Studies Mairead Gayer Women's Soccer Fr Undeclared Claire Esse Women's Soccer Fr Pre-Business Administration Bailey Gourdine Women's Soccer Fr Pre-Business Administration Dalani Stephens Women's Soccer Sr Speech Pathology Campbell Granack Women's Soccer Fr Pre-International Business Caroline Woods Women's Soccer Sr Marketing Madeline McGinlay Women's Soccer Fr Pre-Business Administration Katie Koncal Women's Soccer Fr Pre-Health Studies Rachel Poplin Women's Soccer R-So Kinesiology Hannah Morton Women's Soccer Sr Psychology Morgan Brubaker Women's Soccer So Pre-Business Administration Lorena Montesano Women's Soccer Sr Kinesiology Sophie Joly Women's Soccer So Pre-Business Administration Ryen Ortiz Women's Soccer So Human Development Studies Gabi Santora Women's Soccer 5th English Raegan Mitchell Women's Tennis Jr Kinesiology Sydney Bly Women's Tennis Fr Kinesiology Ella Olexa Women's Tennis So Speech Pathology Arina Babkova Women's Tennis R-Jr Economics Luna Urso Women's Tennis Jr Economics Lauren Thomson Women's Tennis Fr Kinesiology Olivia Gallagher Women's Tennis Jr Nursing Juliana Craft Women's Tennis Sr Business Administration Alexandra Dodashev Women's Tennis Jr Political Science Madison McMasters Women's Track Jr Elementary Education Naomi Pridgen Women's Track Sr Media Studies Peyton Wilson Women's Track Fr Communication Studies Milania Millard Women's Track Fr Biology

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